Have Your Account Hacked? Don’t Panic, Check What to Do To Regain Access to Your Facebook Messenger Account

The Internet brings many benefits to people but unfortunately, it is not as safe as you can imagine. Approximately 47% of sent emails throughout the world are spam which equals nearly 15 billion spam messages. 30,000 websites were hacked and 64% of companies experienced cyber-attacks.

Importantly, email is the most common way to hack someone. Approximately 94% of malware was conducted with the help of emails. And, every 39 seconds there is a new hacked victim whether it is a site, organization, or an ordinary individual, like you.

As there are hackers, there are also hacker forums. For example, in 2021, one user of the such forum wrote an advertisement where he said that he has the personal information of more than 1.5 billion users of Facebook. This hacker mentioned that he has such personal data as name, gender, phone number, user ID, and email.

 As you may see, it is quite an unpleasant thing to be hacked, as hackers get all valuable information about your personality and may use it in malicious actions. If you do not want to become a victim of hackers, it is better to know what to do when your Facebook Messenger account is hacked. 

Why Do Hackers Want Access to Your Facebook Messenger Account?

There are different reasons why hackers try to get access to hacked accounts.  

Reason #1 Negative Emotions

Some people do it because of negative emotions such as jealousy, hate, anger, and envy. And most of such hackers are people from your environment.

You may be surprised but they can be your parents, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend. They also want your account to get to know more information about people you are messaging or they may simply want to set control under your online activity.

Reason #2 They Want Your Identity and Money

Usually, simple hackers try to infiltrate your Facebook account because they want to steal your identity and then take your property. Hackers may gain access to your purchase history and receive such information as the number of your card, your phone number, and other personal information. With this in mind, they can easily steal your money.

How Hackers Can Gain Access to Facebook Accounts?

Facebook hacks can be conducted in different ways. Here are some of them:

#1 Phishing

Phishing is one of the most common ways to hack a Facebook account. A victim gets an email that asks them to “log in” to their account but in reality, a person won’t be directed to any site, it is just an imposter site that will steal their login credentials. 

#2 Social Engineering

Hackers use social engineering as a way of emotional manipulation. They say to a person that they are their relative, friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, or co-worker and provoke them to provide personal information such as email and password to social media accounts. 

#3 Spy Apps

There are special apps that allow people to monitor someone’s account, see their messages, sent videos and photos, listen to audio messages from Facebook conversations, watch deleted messages, see your Messenger conversations, disclose contact details, and see a profile picture of the person you were chatting.

Spy apps are created in such a way that they allow the collection of necessary information remotely. There is no need in entering a password to get access to someone’s accounts. 

To use spy apps, a person should simply install the software and enter the required information about the target person. Partners and family members are the first who choose such a way as it is easy to install and use.

The hacked person will never know that they are monitored with the help of such spying software. Spy apps often provide anonymity to their users. The best-hidden spying services are uMobix and mSpy.

What Happens If You Open a Message From Hacked Person?

If you worry about whether there is any danger in an opening message from a recently hacked friend, the answer is yes, it is. Unfortunately, you may also be hacked or get a virus. Even if Facebook has efficient security settings, people still receive spam messages from strangers and even friends.

If you only opened the message but did not react to it in any way, there is no risk of breaching. Usually, bad situations happen when users reply to such messages or when they download attached files in this message. 

Remember, you should never reply to messages from someone who has been hacked. If you reply to such a message, you will provide this person with access to your account. And then, a hacker will obtain your personal information from this account or simply use your profile to hack other users.

Spam Facebook messages often contain a special link. If you click on such a link or open an attached video or photo in a such message, you may get many viruses that will attack your Facebook account. Remember that no matter what the attachment contains, it is still a phishing link that was created to hack your profile and steal your personal data. 

The phishing link involves code that will operate on your account. So, if you decide to delete an app after opening such an attachment, it won’t work. This code operates only on your account. And after downloading the attached video or photo, your friends will get the same message as you get from your hacked friend.

Can Someone See My Facebook Messenger Conversations From Another Device?

One of the easiest ways to see your messages from Facebook Messenger is to spy for you with the spy app. Nowadays, there is a sufficient variety of spy apps where each of them offers particular services such as seeing someone’s messages, phone and video calls, tracking location, monitor sent files including videos and photos. Some spy apps are particularly designed for monitoring Facebook Messenger.

There is a difference in the usage of such apps for Android users and iPhone ones.

For Android owners, the app will take the necessary information and send it to the online server. And, only there a hacker could monitor data that was obtained from your phone. Such a hacking method is available because the target device authorized the tracker app to provide the data while remaining concealed from your eyes.

It is much more difficult to monitor your Messenger with an iOS device. Apple production is stricter about its information, so to spy on your messages from iPhone, spy apps designed special “backdoor access” on the target iPhone’s account where users can monitor necessary data. 

It can be allowed only with the help of jailbreaking the iOS product. As soon as it is a difficult and dangerous process for the device, it complicates the hacking process. 

There is another simpler way to read someone’s messages with an iPhone. It requires logging in with the target phone user’s iCloud credentials. So, if there is no desire to jailbreak the device, it is a safer way to spy on someone.

Spy apps are continuously improving in their technology, ensuring users have easy usage and complete anonymity. If you want to spy on someone’s text messages the best way to do it is to use mSpy. 

This spying service was primarily created for parental control to monitor children’s Internet activity and take preventive measures when it is required.

Installation Process

Installation of the spy app doesn’t require much of your time. To download the spy app and start monitoring someone’s Messenger, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the spy service’s site and create an account;

2. Choose a plan and release payment;

3. Make sure iCloud Backup is activated and obtain an ID and password;

4. Start reading messages and monitor the target’s personal conversations and see their contacts.

How To Inform If Your Facebook Account Was Hacked?

If you find out that you can’t gain access to your Facebook account, the first and foremost you need to do is to inform your people about it. Hackers may use your account to contact and hack other users including your close people. 

So, to prevent other people from hacking, you need to send messages to all your contacts on this account informing them not to respond to hackers’ messages and more importantly, not to click on links attached to messages. 

Hackers may also ask your friends from your account to provide personal details or send money. You should inform them not to fall into a trap.

What to Do When Your Facebook Messenger Account is Hacked?

If you want to restore your Facebook account you should follow simple rules:

Confirm that Your Account is Hacked and Set New Strong Password 

First of all, you should confirm that you were hacked. It is not obligatory a serious hack. Probably, you were hacked by one of the nearest people who had physical touch with your mobile phone. 

You should change your password and adding a screen lock to your device can be enough from preventing a breach of your personal data. However, if it appears that you became a victim of a specialist, you provide extra security measures. 

Can You Still Log in? Log Out of All Sessions from Your Hacked Facebook Messenger Account 

Define whether you can log in. If you are lucky enough, simply go to Facebook Settings – Security and Login. Check login details and find out from what devices there were attempts to enter. If you noticed something strange in this list, recheck when there were logins. 

Probably, if there were logins at night when you were asleep, it is a bad sign. If you detected suspicious activity on your account log out of all sessions and change the password.

If Your Facebook Password Doesn’t Allow You to Log In, Report it to Facebook

If you revealed that you can’t log in to your account, don’t be anxious, try to reset the password. Facebook security and login measures include two-factor authentication. You should click change password. Password change is essential as it can prevent a breach of your data. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Visit your Facebook login page and click on “Forgot Password?”;

2. At this stage, Facebook will try to assist you by asking you to provide your email or phone number connected to your profile. Provide it to discover your account;

3. As soon as Facebook shows your account, it will give you several opportunities to reset your password;

4. To enable two-factor authentication, enter your email or phone number or even provide multiple emails to ensure that the recovery process will be faster.

Still Can’t Log In to a Hacked Facebook Account?

One of the most dangerous signs that you were hacked by a professional is that you can’t log in to your account. If you tried to enter your Facebook password to your account from other devices, but still no result, most likely, the hacker changed your password, limiting your entry to your account. 

If it is your situation, you should use your friend’s Messenger and check what is going on on your own account. Immediately talk to one of your Facebook friends. Ask them to log in to their profiles and click on yours. When they did so, ask them several questions:

· Do they see any changes in personal information?

· Are there strangers in your contacts list?

· Do they see any new wall postings you haven’t written?

· Has your friend received any private messages from you?

With this information in mind, you will know what is going on with your Facebook account. If there is malicious activity on your profile, you should immediately contact Facebook (this is a safe direct link https://www.facebook.com/hacked/) Even if you can’t log in to your account, you should inform them that your profile was infiltrated.

Be Ready to Reply to Questions

After you contacted Facebook, they will ask you several questions:

· What is your phone number and email attached to this account?

· What do you think about the way your account was hacked? (Here you should tell them about what posts you did not write and what messages you did not send, and what are new people on your friends’ list; it may also include such information as that your settings were set to public or that there is a duplicate account with your personal data on Facebook)

Act fast and provide clear answers if you want to restore the gateway to your account. Usually, it takes up to 3 days to recover a hacked Facebook account.

Chat with Live Agent

You may also chat with a live agent on Facebook and tell them that you were hacked. If you want to have a live chat with a Facebook representative follow these steps:

1. Visit https://facebook.com/business/help;

2. Click on “Get Started” at the bottom of the page;

3. Click on “Contact Advertising Support”;

4. Choose your Facebook Ads Account and select the necessary category of your question;

5. Start chatting.

Change All Your Passwords

If you notice suspicious activity on your Facebook account, it is important to change all your passwords on other social media platforms and email. Once a hacker gains access to your account, he can get the necessary information there to hack other services where you are registered. You should know that a hacker’s main goal is to infiltrate a large network and get as much information as he needs.

– If you have a weak password on any of your services, change it as soon as possible.

– Make sure you provide a strong password.

– There should be no personal information in your current password.

Hackers may already know enough information about you and your family, so if you decide to set a new password with your family member’s first or last name or date of birth, that password will be weak and hackers will easily gain access to your social networks or email.

Delete Suspicious Apps and Browser Add-ons

If you regain access to your Facebook account, it is necessary to remove malicious applications that may have a connection to your profile.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Select settings – apps;

2. Click on “Show All”;

3. At this stage, you will see what application has entry to your Facebook;

4. If some of them are suspicious, you should delete them. To do this click on the pencil icon to update its entry settings.

Remember to check what apps are connected to your account, as some of them may have a detrimental effect on your Facebook identity.

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