How Can You See Someone’s Activity on Facebook App?

Would you like to know how to find out more about a person in 2022? Social media platforms are an inevitable part of a modern person’s life.

People there share their thoughts, music, photos, and videos. A social network is a place where people spend a lot of time. They have their friends there, they chat, and create group conversations; they flirt and find their love.

To discover a person’s preferences and find out their secrets today is simpler than ever. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. By seeing someone’s activity on Facebook, you will find out a lot of interesting information about the person.

Facebook has strict cyber security measures, but it is still possible to safely monitor someone’s activity on Facebook.

 Interested to know how? In this article, you will discover the top ways how to see someone’s Facebook activity.

How to View Activity on Facebook and Stay Confidential?

If you want to see someone’s activity on Facebook without them knowing, the best way to do that is to use a FB monitoring app. . You can monitor conversations, see their messages, likes, wall posts, voice, and video call logs, shared photos and videos while staying anonymous.

You can find different ways to spy on someone but most of the offered methods do not guarantee privacy.

 Spy apps work in stealth mode which provides confidentiality for their users. If you need to see someone’s activity on Facebook Messenger, it is the best way to do it.

Tracking apps are designed to spy on online activity on social media platforms and offer many features that will help you to easily use them and find out the necessary information about the target person.

mSpy App is the Best Option to Monitor Facebook Accounts

One of the most efficient and safe spy apps is mSpy. This tracking tool has a number of installed features that allow seeing someone’s activity on Facebook.

 If you are looking for an app to track someone’s Facebook account, mSpy is the best solution. Check its benefits here:

  • Track Facebook Messages and Calls

mSpy offers limitless monitoring of call history and text messages.  Monitoring calls and text messages is an amazing benefit for a caring parent who wants to know who their child is chatting to and be ready to prevent their child from cyber-bullying.  With mSpy you can track group messages, outgoing messages, and private messages. Parents are also authorized to block suspicious contacts if there are some risks to their children. It is also an important feature if you want to know whether your partner is fair with you.

  • Spy Facebook Messenger app notifications

One more mSpy benefit is tracking Facebook Messenger. Messenger is a third-party app, so to see what happens in someone’s Messenger conversations, you will need a special tracking app. mSpy is the best spy app for smartphones.

It can be applied both for Android and iOS.

 You can see someone’s Facebook conversations and calls remotely through your own device. If you worry about your child’s online activity on Facebook Messenger, this app can provide you with all the monitored data.

Parental control with mSpy can protect your child from strangers with ill intent. Do not worry about how to use it,  mSpy continuously works on improving its interface to make it as comfortable for its users as possible. So, you will easily find out necessary data about a target person.

  • Spy Facebook Activity Log

mSpy was created for you to see someone’s Facebook activity.

  • This spy app is a leader in monitoring someone’s chats, photos, videos and conversations, and other content remotely.
  • You can be surprised but mSpy also provides an endless opportunity for you to track someone’s location with an installed GPS location tracker, access someone’s Internet browser footprint, and watch detailed information about their emails.
  • You will monitor received, sent, and even deleted messages.

With mSpy, it will be impossible to hide necessary information from you.

That is to say, it is the best option for Android users but for iOS users, it may require a jailbreak to access some features.

Still, hesitating why mSpy is the best tool for Person’s Facebook activity spy?

  • The app can save the target’s mobile phone screen at any time, which allows you to monitor what friends are doing on Facebook, what news they read, whose profiles they visit, and who are in their friend list.
  • Would you like to know what they search for? mSpy keystroke logger also records any words and phrases the user is entering in the searching line. You may also keep monitoring other related social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

Let’s Sum up the Pros of mSpy:

  • See all Facebook messages, chats, and conversations;
  • Track browser history with keystroke logger;
  • Block Facebook Messenger if there is a need to prevent your child from someone’s account;
  • Check recent activity log on Facebook;
  • Track location with GPS tracker;
  • Install and use it easily;
  • Monitor received, sent, and deleted messages;
  • Check secret conversations;
  • Check someone’s Facebook history with screen records.

Facebook Activity Monitoring with mSpy

mSpy can be installed both for Android and iPhone devices. All that you need is to install and download the app on the target’s phone. Don’t worry, it will take several minutes to install it.

Just follow these several steps:

·    Go to mSpy site and create an account;

·    Choose the target device to install the cell phone monitoring app on;

·    There are several plans. Choose the one you like;

·    Pay for chosen plan;

·    As soon as you release money for chosen plan, you’d be able to install the spy app and see private messages of the preferred account. Usually, it takes up to 10 minutes to install the app and start monitoring someone’s activity log.

How to Monitor Multiple Facebook Accounts Activities Log Through Facebook Side Tab

Another way to see someone’s activity on Facebook is to gain access to their Facebook notification center.

You can do this only if:

  1. A person is on your friend list;
  2. A person’s Facebook profile is open.

If these two requirements are satisfied, follow these easy steps:

  • As soon as you enter your Facebook account, click on the bell button at the top right of the screen. At this stage, you can start Facebook monitoring which means seeing all the posts, likes, comments, media files, and friends requests;
  • The next step requires accessing the target device. Open the Facebook app on the target phone and go to the “Activity Log” part.  By doing this, you could watch closed and unclosed posts of the target cell phone user including their photos, stories, and people added or removed from contacts.

Seeing else’s activity log through the Facebook side tab does not require installing and using any spy applications.  However, if the two previously mentioned requirements are not satisfied, then the best option will be to use spy apps that offer a number of features for monitoring a friend’s activity.

Can You Monitor Someone’s Facebook Activity Using Cookie Files?

One method that would allow you to see someone’s activity on Facebook is by using cookie files. Sites often use cookie files to record information about their users with an aim of promoting ads.

Worry about how cookie files can help you to reach out to someone’s Facebook page. Cookie files often contain some sensitive data about their users including usernames and passwords to social media platforms. So, you may be lucky enough to get a password from your boyfriend’s Facebook account and monitor their activity there.

Indeed, there are certain requirements to be fulfilled:

  • You should have the same Wi-Fi network as the target person;
  • You should also install some extensions to this user’s browser to start recording cookies.

There is high evidence that you won’t get any necessary information from using cookie files, as cookie files do not necessarily collect their passwords or usernames. However, some people may be lucky enough with using the method. You have also a chance that Facebook believes you have authenticated user and let you in without privacy concerns.

How to See Likes on Facebook?

If you worry about whom your partner leave likes, you can see likes on Facebook with these easy steps:

  1. Go to Facebook and log in to your account;
  2. Click on the Facebook search bar and enter these: posts liked by [Name of the person’s FB account]. You can also use an excellent feature for the person you’ve been in a relationship with on Facebook. To check what your girlfriend or boyfriend liked, search this in the Facebook sidebar: posts liked by my husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend.
  3. You can also search what thumbnail pictures they like on Facebook. To do this, just click on the “See More” button.

How to Check Someone’s Facebook Activity if The Person is Not in Your Friends List?

If the target person is not among your friends, you can still see what they like on Facebook. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook account on your PC and go to this person’s profile Homepage;
  • Click on “More” and choose “Likes”. If this person has blocked this feature for strangers, you won’t be able to see their likes;
  • But if not, you could see all the accounts that this person left likes on Facebook.

Is It Legal to See Person’s Facebook Activity Without Being Friends?

Facebook is extremely strict when it concerns its users’ privacy. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to spy on someone’s Facebook account without breaking the law. Have you worried about whether it is legal to see someone’s Facebook activity if you are not friends?  The answer is it is illegal. It is essential to be friends to see someone’s online activity. If you are not in their contacts then all the information posted by this user considers private, in case they did not set a public account.

It is a known fact that Facebook has a powerful cyber-security system. So, if you decided to watch your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s Facebook activity, make sure you are in their Facebook contacts.


How can I see likes on Facebook left by my boyfriend?

If your boyfriend is on your friend’s list, you can see what pictures your boyfriend like this with the help of a search bar. Simply enter this: “posts liked by [Name of the person’s FB account]”. If you set up a relationship status on Facebook, you can simply enter this: “posts liked by my boyfriend”.

What is the Best App to Start Facebook Monitoring?

You can stalk someone’s Facebook with the spy app. mSpy is an easy way to monitor someone’s Facebook Messenger and check their chats, messages, conversations, and shared files such as photos and videos. With mSpy you can even see messages that were previously deleted.

Can Someone Notice if you See Someone’s activity log on Facebook?

If you use spy apps to stalk someone’s Facebook, there is no way they may reveal it. Spy apps operate in stealth mode which allows you to keep your anonymity.

Does the green dot on Facebook mean someone is chatting?

No, it means that the user is online. They may be on, the Facebook app, or Facebook Messenger.

Can You See Someone Else’s Activity Log on Messenger?

Yes, you may watch someone else’s messages on Messenger with spy apps. mSpy is designed to monitor Facebook Messenger and that is why mSpy is the best parental control app.

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