How to Find Out if Someone Is Cheating On Facebook messenger

It is a well-known fact that relationships should be based on trust. However, if you are not sure about your partner’s honesty in their feelings toward you and they often raise suspicions, it is time to find out about cheating signs. 

If your partner continuously spends their free time on Facebook Messenger while having secret conversations, it is better for you to find out whether they are cheating on Facebook. If you often catch yourself with the thought that your partner may be cheating on Facebook, it is time to read this article and find out about the ways to reveal whether your partner is cheating on Facebook messenger. 

Want to Know How To Catch Facebook Cheaters? Check these 10 Facebook Cheating Signs 

1.     When You Take Their Phone, They Nervously Recoil

One of the first signs of Facebook cheaters is when your partner quickly flinch their phone if you take it up or when you simply glance at their phone’s screen. The extremely private behavior of your partner points out that they may not want you to read their Facebook messages. 

2.     Most of Their Time is Devoted to Facebook

Checking the messenger app at night, spending a lot of time there, and receiving many messages from this social network shows that your partner is addicted to Facebook. Facebook cheaters are often addicted to checking the Facebook app at night. 

If you notice that your partner often spends time on Facebook, it is time to ask what is going on. And, if you receive an unclear answer to this question, be sure that you need to search for how to catch facebook cheaters.

3.     Your Partner Has Multiple Facebook Accounts

Having several Facebook accounts can be one of the telltale signs of cheating. Your beloved may claim that some of the accounts are old and they have recently created one, or they may even say that one account is for business while another is for entertainment. 

Your loved one may say whatever they want, but having different Facebook accounts is suspicious. They could simply use one of them to avoid being caught cheating.

4.     Their Facebook Friends Are Hidden

If your partner changed their settings to private and you are no longer permitted to see their friends, they may be attempting to conceal their lover. Ask yourself, what is the reason for hiding friends from you? If you are not sure about the answer, it may be time to catch a cheating spouse. 

5.     They Become Defensive When Asked How Long They Spend On Their Phone

As soon as you noticed that your beloved spends a lot of time on Facebook and you asked why they were doing so, and as result, you noticed that your partner’s behavior looked like a defensive one, it may mean that your spouse has Facebook secret conversations with the opposite sex.

Nowadays, many people spend their free time on social networks but it is not okay to be there all the time and moreover, it is not okay to combatively react to such questions. They probably act combative because they have a private conversation with somebody and they simply do not want you to know about it.

6.     They’re Always Receiving Facebook Messages

If your boyfriend hadn’t previously used Facebook Messenger but has recently downloaded it and made it his primary phone app. There might be a problem if Facebook messages keep appearing on his mobile phone. This is especially true if there is only ever one person sending these texts.

7.     Replying to Messages Is One of Their Priorities

If your partner prefers Facebook to other activities, especially when you agreed on spending time together, it is quite strange behavior, especially if your partner has never spent much time on the app before. Sudden activity on Facebook while replying to messages can be a reason for you to worry about whether your beloved one is cheating you with the opposite sex.

8.     Your Partner Hides Phone From You

Healthy couples build their relationships on trust. If your spouse hides their phone from you, it means that they do not want to share some information from their life with you. It may also be a sign of hiding some information that may provoke jealousy and break your heart. Have you noticed that your spouse used phone in places where you couldn’t see them?

9.     Your Partner’s Relationship Status Is Hidden

Of course, many people do not show their relationship status simply because they are not concerned about sharing their status on Facebook. Also, your beloved one may not pay attention to disclosing their status.

But, it can also mean that they want others to think they are single. If you want to know the reason, you should ask your spouse directly about it. And, if they agree to change status, then it is fine, but if not, there is some reason why they do not want to do it.

10.  You Are Blacklisted

Your partner may take this as one of the most critical measures to limit your access to their personal information. People apply this feature, especially those who rarely use the app. 

So, if you used to message your partner earlier but are not doing it and suddenly find out that you can’t see your partner’s profile or write them a message, you may be shut out. It is time to figure out why you are blocked.

How do I know if my partner has a secret conversation on Messenger?

To know if your girlfriend is cheating on someone, you need to find out what is a secret conversation on Facebook Messenger.  Facebook offered its users a number of features. One of which is Secret Conversation. This feature allows people to communicate by encrypting information from others. It provides end-to-end encryption, which allows only the sender and recipient to see their messages.

How do you do secret conversations on Messenger?

To create a secret conversation, you need to follow several steps:

1.     Open the Messenger app and click on the Create Message icon in the top-right corner;

2.     Then you will see the list of your friends. Click the button in the top-right corner (on an iPhone it sounds like “Secret” and on an android device it is a padlock icon);

3.     After this, choose a person with whom you want to have a secret chat;

4.     Then, you will have a one-on-one conversation with the chosen person.

How can you tell if someone is in a secret conversation?

If you’ve looked for answers to the question, “Find out if my girlfriend is cheating on me on Facebook,” you should know how to find out if your girlfriend is having a secret conversation with someone. If your girlfriend is texting someone else with the help of the Secret Conversation feature, she will receive a black message bubble. Usually, if it is a simple Facebook message, it is of blue color. Near this black bubble, you will see “encrypted from one device to the other”. This message allows you to know if someone is cheating on Facebook conversations. 

Using Spy Apps is The Perfect Way to Catch Facebook Cheaters 

A Spy app is perfect for catching cheaters. Facebook spy app collects data from different spaces like memory, program designation, and backup.

Monitor Online Activities and Spy on Conversations

Spy apps easily allow you to track your partner’s conversation on Facebook. Actually, Facebook Messenger maintains all of its data, including shared and conversational data, on internal storage. 

The way spy applications operate is by intercepting this folder and delivering it to the app’s main panel. The next task they will be working on is decrypting the data that has been obtained and keeping an eye on the targeted person’s online activities. 

Such spy software has a number of tools to track the targeted person’s whole schedule of activities. The most common instruments that they might use are keyloggers, browser and app monitors, and so on.

Spy on Video Calls

Spy apps help to monitor incoming and outgoing calls. As soon as a person receives a call or dials someone’s number, you will be notified. Importantly, the calls will be saved with other vital data like dates, times, and personal information of the person for whom the chat was created. So, it is an amazing feature if you want to check someone for fidelity.

Track Location

Spy apps usually have a GPS tracker that allows you to monitor the location of a target phone. Facebook tracker apps provide exact information on where the person is and what places they have already visited. You may also find out about missing people or even monitor goods with this feature.

Want to Catch a Cheating Partner on Facebook?

mSpy is one of the best spy apps. To start monitoring Facebook with mSpy, you just need to go to the mobile spy website. You can select a plan that meets your demands if your cell phone is on the list of compatible devices. 

mSpy is the best app for checking cheating partners. You may easily download and install the mSpy Mobile Spy program on the targeted smartphone after completing the necessary payment. The whole process will take nearly 5 minutes. You will get a special username and password for monitoring other people’s devices. Be sure that only you will have this information.

Installation Steps for mSpy

1.     Buy and download mSpy Facebook spy app;

2.     Install mSpy on an acceptable rooted Android or jailbroken iPhone gadget;

3.     Start monitoring Facebook activities;

4.     All the necessary information will be uploaded to your online gateway;

5.     Log in to your mSpy user gateway;

6.     Choose the IMs tab on the left and obtain Facebook from the records of IM apps;

7.     Keep an eye on all registered text messages and content;

8.     Download Facebook conversations to check cheating partner.

mSpy Reveals Facebook Secret Conversations

mSpy is a spying app that can monitor the target phone’s activity on Facebook. This spy app allows you to read secret sexting on social media platforms. 

Many people prefer this app to others because you will never be disclosed to spying as there is no sign of the installation on your partner’s mobile phone. 

mSpy can be installed both on Android and iPhone for just $40/month. However, you should know that you will need a jailbroken iPhone for getting access to this app. It means that you will need to crack your device’s operating system to install this spying app. 

After installation, you could get such information as incoming/outgoing calls, Facebook activities such as chats, messages, and location tracking. 

You will get all this information on your online mSpy dashboard. It is easy to use mSpy as you will need only a few minutes to start monitoring your partner’s phone after installation.

Other Ways to Catch Cheating Partners on Facebook

Check Their Online History

By checking browser history, you will get to know what websites your partner visits and what information they are looking for. Of course, if your beloved worries about not being caught, they may simply erase it, and then it will be difficult for you to find out what websites they are visiting.

Use an Alias to Interact with Your Partner Online

If you know that your partner used to visit different social networks to chat with other people, you can register there as well using a nickname. After registering, find your partner and try to flirt with them on this platform to catch a cheating boyfriend. 

If your partner responds the same, be sure they may belong to unfaithful partners. You may create fake accounts to spy on your partner as well. You may watch your partner’s friends list and other activities that are allowed for friends.

Find Out Whether Your Partner Uses More Than One SIM Card

Your partner may use different SIM cards for keeping different information on their telephone, as one SIM card may be one source of information while another will keep a different list of contacts, photos, videos, and messages. Having two SIM cards will allow your partner to cheat you without being suspected.

Hire a Private Investigator

If you find yourself a super emotional and jealous person who has an overactive imagination, it is probably better to spy on your partner with the help of a professional. 

A private investigator may monitor your partner’s activities both online and in real life, and after summing up the received information, they will present it to you.

Communicate Directly With Your Partner

One of the best ways to find out whether your partner is cheating you is to ask them directly. On the other hand, your partner may appear to be a skillful liar, and you will never find the truth. 

But, on the other hand, most people become extremely nervous when they are getting caught with direct questions about cheating, especially if they are really a cheating spouse. 


To be happy in relationships, it is essential to be sure about your partner. Spying apps can help you verify whether they are being honest with you. mSpy is one of the most heavily used ones as it allows you to get any information about your partner’s online activity without being suspected of monitoring.


Can I Actually Spy on Someone’s Facebook Messenger Account without Touching the Device?

Yes, you may spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger with the help of a spying app distantly and a person will never know that they were monitored.

I believe Messenger’s secret conversation is being used by my boyfriend to cheat. Do you have a means for me to read these?

mSpy is a spying app that can monitor the target phone’s activity on Facebook Messenger. No matter whether it is a secret chat or not, it allows you to read chats in Facebook Messenger, even if they are secret conversations. 

Are there mSpy alternatives I may employ if I believe my spouse is cheating?

Another alternative spying app is uMobix. You may install it on iOS or Android and it will start gathering information involving everything that was said, as well as any pictures or recordings that were included. All of this information will be sent back to your computer for investigation.

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